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DNS Flag Day

DNS Flag Day The day that the internet can ‘break’. What happens that day, and why? A piece of history The Domain Name System or DNS was conceived in an age when the internet was young. The protocols of that time breathed confidence in the fellow man, and security remained on the back plan. Gradually, however, the realization grew that the DNS had to become more robust and to have more functions in the messages that it exchanged. And so, in 1999, EDNS [...]


GDPR legislation for your website!

We have compiled a GDPR-list with the most important points for your website. We do not suspect that a witch-hunt will be organized immediately to small businesses, but … prevention is always better than cure. If you wish, we will investigate which adjustments are necessary for your website to comply with the GDPR legislation. Ensure a secure connection via HTTPS The GDPR legislation requires your website to use an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate provides optimal security between your [...]

Social Media Marketing

The future of Internet Markerting

Social Media Marketing – The future of doing business The way we use the internet and social media has changed drastically in the past 10 years. What was once regarded as a way to connect with friends is now a billion-dollar platform that has great influence on the relationship between businesses and consumers. However, most marketing executives and media agencies are still not exploiting the full potential and power of social media and internet marketing. Recent studies have revealed that many [...]


These skills make a successful Web Designer

The perfect web designer profile TECH SKILLS First, let’s find out about the technical side of what you need to know. All those strange acronyms and terms can seem intimidating, but they’re really pretty easy—and super fun!—once you get to know them. 1. Visual Design Seems pretty obvious that you need design to be a web designer. But what this includes when it comes to the digital realm might be different than what you expect. In this case, design principles are what sets [...]