How much does a website cost in 2019?

what does a website cost

How much does a website cost in 2019?

The cost of a website is probably the first consideration of anyone looking to establish their presence online.

However, getting a quote on a website is not that simple. The cost will depend on the type of website you want. Better aesthetics and functionalities of a website require more skill, which means that if you wish to get an advanced website, you can expect to pay more.

In this blog post we look at the main factors regarding the cost of having a new website created.

The basic expenses of building a website

When hiring a developer to build a new website, these are the essential expenses you can expect to pay. They are for the basic features required for the running of a website.

Domain Name:
Your domain name is very important as it is your identity on the internet. Experienced web developers will help you acquire a domain name that not only represents your business or cause, but that is also easy to find, remember and promote. The cost of domain names start from about €20 and can go up to thousands, depending on your choice.

SSL Certificate:
An SSL certificate ensures that any data exchanged between you and your customers or visitors is encrypted and secure. Having an SSL certificate these days is required to comply with GDPR regulations. It will also serve to build customer trust and improve SEO. SSL certificates usually cost between €60 to €1000 a month.

Web Hosting:
Efficient web hosting is critical to the performance and success of your website. Web developers will use their industry knowledge to secure fast and reliable hosting, depending on your website’s needs. You can expect to pay from around €12 a month for a shared hosting plan, or from €99 monthly for a managed hosting plan. The more functionality and visitors on your site, the more bandwidth you will need and therefore the higher you will pay.

5 things to do before hiring a web designer

Establish your website’s goals and objectives:
Before consulting with a web designer, ask yourself what objectives you wish to achieve. Are you trying to build awareness in a market? Educate and inform? Or perhaps convert and upsell?

These questions will help you create an outline of the final design of your website. Write down in as much detail the vision you have for your website.

Create a web design wish list:
Are there certain features and functions you’d like to see on your website? Write them down. These may include the number of webpages, colors to use, menu structure, online forms and more. Creating a web design list will help you get a website that best fits your vision and also enable the web developer to quickly give you an estimate of how much your website will cost to build.

Set a budget:
While web design expenses are typically paid in a one-time fee, it is wise to set up a flexible budget to accommodate additional costs such as hosting, maintenance and support fees. If you are tight on the budget, don’t expect much in terms of visual appearance and functionality. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Take photos and gather images:
To avoid copyright issues and give your visitors an authentic feel, take high resolution photos of your premises, products, team or yourself. Don’t be tempted to download images from the internet and use them as your own, however good they may look. If you wish to do so, make sure you acquire them legally from stock photo websites such as Choose high quality images that communicate the core values of your website.

Finding a good web developer

Once you have your project plan ready, it’s time to get in touch with web developers.

If they offer you a good deal at a reasonable price, it’s definitely the way to go. But be careful, if the offer is too cheap or feels too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

If you would like to know more about the cost of building your website, get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation. A member of our team will answer all your questions and help you develop ideas for your website.

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